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Its Okay Not To Laugh

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Its Okay Not To Laugh

It’s okay if you don’t laugh at my jokes. I’m use to doing show for deaf people … and wakes … and Pentecostal prayer meetings. I have to be careful at the prayer meetings. Every time I tell a joke with Jesus in it, as soon as they hear ‘Jesus,’ they start shouting, “Thank you Jesus!” and dancing and clapping. And I think, “Yeah, but I’m the one telling the joke.”

I love it when my deaf friends bring a new guy to my show. They don’t tell him I’m not a deaf comic. They sit him in the front row right in the middle. And so … I start my set, “So, these three deaf guys walk into a bar and the deaf guy in the middle signs, ‘Hello,’ to the bartender.

About this time, the new guy starts slappin’ his ears and waving his hands to let me know he can’t hear. I look at him and say (without skippin’ a beat), “Hey can someone get something for this guy’s ears.”

The house cracks up! It’s hilarious.

I know what you’re thinkin’. You’re thinkin’, “Deaf guys can’t hear.”

Yeah … that’s why they call them deaf people.

Bada-Bing, bada-boom!